When Fish Fly

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Author: Johnny Kissko |  Published: 12/01/2011 14:23:29 |  Rating: 
Download: When Fish Fly (99311.24 Kb.)

’When Fish Fly’ is a Kinect game designed by high school students to replicate the sights, sounds, history and “sense of place” of Pike Place Fish Market while actively engaging the student design team in the 21st Century Learning process. The intent of this project is not so much to get other educators to complete a project on this specific location at Pike Place, but more so introduce a way of looking at a new kind of semester long project which increases learning by allowing students to incorporate game design, Xbox 360, Kinect, multimedia technology, motion, art, and Computer Science as they collaboratively research, design, and program a game simulation. This concept is intended to be used as a model to be replicated for any location in any city in the world, it is not location specific! Created entirely by students and led by teachers Lou Zulli, Doug Bergman, Johnny Kissko, Margaret Nobles, and Donna Thomas

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