Nayi Disha: A New Direction

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Author: Kartik Aneja |  Published: 11/30/2011 22:56:56 |  Rating: 
Download: Nayi Disha: A New Direction (40346.12 Kb.)

So far, countless attempts have been made to introduce the less fortunate to technology. This has included cheaper laptops and tablets. However, there is one thing that all these devices seem to ignore as far as at least India's poorest are concerned - they still rely on software that expects a certain level of literacy; there is still a learning curve associated with dealing with the hardware. Current devices inherently lack the direct world-metaphor the recent Natural User Interfaces have to offer. Other attempts to use technology for education in India have largely been non-interactive or relied video-conferencing. The superiority of interactive learning over non-interactive one has already been established several times. Video conferencing does seem to be a more intuitive option. However, in a place like India, where bandwidth is still probably as precious as oil, it often leads to a substandard experience. There are millions of students across the world who have never known how they could benefit from technology, simply because the world has expected them to come up to the level first. Nayi Disha, literally meaning A New Direction (in Hindi) hopes to be a gateway between these children who have never ever used a computer and the device itself along with the magic it has to offer. For more information please contact me at: kartikaneja [at] gmail [dot] com

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